Gillian Collins  Artist

Light it up Blue  (Cranleigh Arts Centre March 2017)

To raise awareness of and to celebrate Autism Awareness Month (April).  This exhibition brought 5 artists together with Autism Specialists St Josephs School, Cranleigh and The ArtVenture Trust, Guildford to showcase a variety of artwork that took the colour Blue as it's theme.

Florilegium (Cranleigh Arts Centre, May 2016)

In partnership with the RHS Wisley Gardens Herbarium this exhuberant exhibition burst with colour to promote the work of the RHS Herbarium at Wisley Gardens through a series of imagery from the Herbarium.  Stunning botanical painting and photography from two well known artists, award winning botanical painter Gaynor Dickerson and photographer Celia Henderson hung alongside vintage pressed flower specimens and a fantasy dress decorated with pressed flowerheads.

Elements of Architecture (Cranleigh Arts Centre, May 2015)

Highlighting the beauty of abandoned buildings, this exhibition displayed work by the renowned watercolourist, Alexander Creswell, mixed media artist Deborah Gourlay and textiles artist, Paulene Cattle alongside architectural 'rescue' pieces from the Brooking Collection of Domestic Architecture.

Quinquennial (Guildford Cathedral January 2015)

A group of graduate artists from the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at UCA, Farnham celebrated 5 years since graduation and their 5th year exhibiting together at Guildford Cathedral , the venue for their graduation ceremony.  Taking the Cathedral and it's surroundings as inspiration for the exhibition showcased the variety of thinking and creative styles applied by each artist.

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Light It Up Blue

Images L-R (1-4)

1. Cat and

2. Blue Guitar by members of Art Venture Trust

3. Blue Art by Angie Hauser and George Simpson

4. Hand printed and stitched lampshade by Gillian Collins


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Florilegium (Crankeigh Arts Centre 2016)

Images L-R (1-8) top to bottom row

1. Guests at the Private View Opening Reception

2. Wine and nibbles

3. Textile floral artwork by Gill Denyer

4. Botanical painting by Gaynor Dickeson

5. Contemporary floral photography by Celia Henderson

6. Vintage gardening equipment display

7. Handmade silk ballgown decorated with dried pressed flower heads by Gillian Collins

8. Yarn Bombing of the front of the Arts Centre building with knitted and croheted flowers made by

   the Friday Knit and Natter group

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Elements of Architecture

Images L-R (1-4)

1. Private View Open Reception

2. Architectural elements from the Brooking Collection with textile artwork by Paulene Cattle.

3. Lightbox artwork by Deborah Gourlay

4. Watercolours by Alexander Creswell

paulene gill di sandra angie row george celia emma


Images L-R  (1-9 top to bottom)

1. Paulene Cattle                       6. Rowena Kelley (dcd)

2. Gillian Collins                        7. George Simpson              

3. Diana Foden                         8. Celia Stanley                                                                                

4. Sandra Gratrix                      9. Emma C. Tabor

5. Angela Hauser

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